Sunday, November 15, 2015

Project File: organizing your dies

Hi guys! 
So I was thinking of adding this new section to my blog called "Project Files" 
It's sorta feeds into the 'Martha Stewart' part of my brain, where I organize and create things that makes my crafting easier. (I used to worship Martha Stewart as a kid and loved her show! *anyone remember her show, where she made crafts and baked goodies??*).
So today, I wanted to share with you this mini tip about how I organize my dies. For those of you who are new, die or does are metalic tools that are used my crafters to cut out shapes from paper, card stock or foam etc.
One of my favourite dies comes from a stamping company called Lawn Fawn; therefore, I have decided to show you how I organize my lawn fawn dies utilizing magnet sheets. 

Here's what you'll need (I'll add the store where I bought the products from):
- Any die sets (from lawn fawn stamps online)
- permanent glue; I used my scotch ATG gun with the general adhesive glue (from Michaels Crafts) 
- pro mag: magnetic paper sheets (from Michaels crafts) 
- fiskars paper trimmer/ cutter (from Michaels Crafts)
- wire cutter ( I own the Ashland mini wire cutter from Michaels crafts) 

With some of my older dies, I had kept them in tiny ziplock bags inside the packaging ... This way made it difficult for me to find a specific die, since I had to rifle through the bag if I needed a particular die. I will have to change it into a magnetic way of organization in the future. 

Here are the steps:
1) Break each die apart, so that all your pieces are separated. I used my Ashland mini wire cutter from Michaels. Set aside. 

2) cut the a magnetic sheet into 4.25 inch X 3.6 inch to fit the lawn fawn card backing where the dies were temporarily glue on to, when they were brand new. 

As you can assess from the photo there's the magnetic side and the white non-magnetic side of the pro mag. 

3) Then apply some glue to the non-magnetic white backing of your magnetic sheet, using you're runner / ATG Glue gun. 
4) Finally, adhere your magnetic sheet to the lawn fawn card backing. Then arrange the dies on top of the magnetic sheet, and re-insert into the plastic protector. 
It should look like this after you're all done. 

Here's another one I completed. 

So now I can easily see the dies I have and it's a simpler way for me to access my dies. I hope this helped you a little. 

Happy crafting. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Meeting Kelly Marie of Lawn Fawn Stamps

Sorry guys. It's been a long time since I've posted anything. I'm currently in my last semester of my McMaster University program and writing 50-60 page papers is killing me slowly; but I'll be finished this 2 year program in 2016! 
However, my friend Thanh from "make it sweet and neat" invited me to this even where we were able to meet Kelly Marie - the owner of Lawn Fawn stamps!!! What?!?! *faint* hehe
Kelly Marie is so sweet and lovely during the 'meet and greet'. She even taught us how to create this card / ornament / wine tag. Additionally, she signed 2 of my critter stamp sets and even took a group photo with us! Wow! * I was trying super hard to act cool and not turn into a fan girl* hahahahaha. Fun fact: Kelly Marie and I wore the same dress but different colours lol I definitely know she has great style ;0) hehe 
Im so glad I took a break from my studies and attend this event to meet Kelly Marie! Yay!!! 

Here's a photo of Kelly Marie, me, Thanh and my new friend Dorothy; the wine tag we created; and the 2 stamp sets Kelly Marie autographed for me :)