Friday, September 5, 2014

Sleeping in Seattle

Hey guys!!
Sorry for not posting for a while, but I've been in Seattle for several days now for a mini vacation with the hubs. 
We're staying near the Pike Place Market, and I've been enjoying walking around downtown Seattle from morning until night! I seriously love this city! There are so many interesting people and places we don't have back home in Vancouver. Here's some highlights of our trip. 

When we were driving in, the weather was pretty gloomy... We even got caught under some pretty strong showers!!! My shoes got pretty wet :(

So the hubby and I ducked into west lake mall to find shelter... But we found PF Chang's!!! We've never been before, so we tried a few dishes for supper :) 

So for the next few days, we thoroughly toured Pike Place on our own :) 

The pike place fish company, where they throw fish around :)

The daily dozen donut shop

The piers and the ferries wheel. 

Enjoyed some handmade cheese and soup at Beecher's

Had some pain du chocolat and hazelnut macaron at le panier

Then we split this salmon pate pastry from piroshky piroshky ... It's supposed to look like a salmon, but I bit off one of the fins lol haha

Then we went to visit the mother-ship of all Starbucks!!
Lol of course we lined up and ordered something heehee

Let's not forget a selfie :)

Here's some flowers from the market... The most beautiful dahlias I've ever seen. 

Some more photos from all the shops we went to!!

During our stay we went to the pike place several times and enjoyed a few other places where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed hehe

Here's the Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar... The stools in the centre of the photo is where Tom Hanks and Rob Riener had their lunch in the film. 

... Where 'Jonah' played with that crab while waiting for Tom Hanks' girlfriend...

And the hill where Tom Hanks walked down towards the market. 

Let's not forget the Space Needle :)

Here's our view from where we had lunch on the top floor ... If you look closely, there's a black rectangular dot in the middle of the photo, it's actually a plane dragging a Seattle Seahawks banner #12 heehee

We even decided to take the monorail back downtown where all the action was; the Seattle Seahawks were playing the Green bay packers that night :)

More pike place market photos from So much yarn. 

The crumpet shop - the service here wasn't that great :(

Finally, we decided to go to the international district!!

Hing hay park 

Kinokuniya bookstore 

And OMG!! The best part... Their Copic collection!!

Ok that's it guys!! Phew!! See you next time!! 


  1. Hey you're in my neck of the your pictures!

    1. Thanks =)
      I envy you! I wish I lived in downtown Seattle! there's so much to do and the pike place market was so much fun! I loved all the little shops!
      I could just sit and people watch all day =)