Sunday, June 22, 2014

background and mist spray

here's my entry for - TGF - Make Your Own Background and Tuesday Morning Sketches

here's my card... I created my background using a stencil and a coloured mist spray...
I coloured my image with pencil crayons and OMS

here's the sketch

mail and stripes

hey guys!!!
Here's a quick entry for - lawnscaping challenge stars and/or stripes and CASE this sketch
happy crafting!

here's my card - I used a really old stamp set from lawn fawn called "You've got Mail"

here's the sketch and challenge badges

Sunday, June 15, 2014

CAS and sentiment

hi all,
OH my it's raining cats and dogs here in Vancouver... I haven't seen it rain this hard for quite some time.
here's an entry for - retro sketches and paper smooches - anything goes

here's my card

here's the sketch

sketch and balloons

hey guys!
here's a quick entry for Tiddly inks, I used Wren's puppy for this sketch, SO CUTE =)
happy father's day!

here's my card

here's the sketch

OMS and pencil crayons



sorry I haven't posting in a while... somehow, every year around summer, I don't feel as creative as I would during winter or fall. But I was recently invited by Thanh from "Make it sweet and Neat" to her Crafts and Food card making session with her friends =) It was so much fun!!! She's so talented! You guys should visit her blog ASAP.

here are some of the cards we made!

anywho, TGF is having a challenge where we have to use pencil crayons, and the only way I colour with pencil crayons is with OMS (odourless mineral spirits). The only thing about OMS I'm concerned about is the harmful mineral vapours when inhaled or ingested, and it can cause irritation when it  comes contact with your skin. My OMS container doesn't have a protective sponge top cover or pump to prevent the vapours from escaping... so I think I have to transfer it to a glass pump. I'm just not sure where to buy one... maybe IKEA?

so anyways, here's my entry for TGF - pencil crayons and feeling sketchy!


here's my card

here's the sketch