Friday, May 2, 2014

Paris is always a good idea - day 1

So I'm sad to say "cheerio, London!"... it was so much fun and the weather was amazing, but I'm excited to say Bonjour Paris!!!
We decided to stay at this older, smaller hotel in Paris, it's not the Ritz by a long shot, but when we went into the hotel and looked outside this is what we saw...
We couldn't believe this is our view!!! 

We're just outside the Eiffel Tower! Isn't the view beautiful? The Eiffel Tower is just a 14 minute stroll away from our hotel. 

Here's the street outside our hotel... Unfortunately it began to rain as soon as we arrived. 
But since we got to Paris in the afternoon we went to try one of the Parisian restaurants near by called 'Le Tribeca'. 
I had the roasted free range chicken with homemade mashed potatoes (Poulet fermier roti purée maison) and he had the salmon fillet with sautéed vegetables - (pave de saumon wok de legumes). The portion sizes were huge and both were €13 each... They were delicious! Gosh! Even the side of sliced banquettes were yummy! It must be the butter!

After a very very late lunch/ early supper  we headed over to this tiny patisserie (bakery) on Rue Cler where I attempted to brush up on my French. I decided to get 3 French macarons and the hubby it a couple of petit beignets. 

Finally, we headed over to a local supermarket / grocery store about 3 minutes away from our hotel called 'Carrefour' (I think it's a French grocery store chain) and bought some fruit, water and yogurt ... and I saw the coolest Starbucks drink!! its a coffee with a straw, so you can walk around drinking coffee like its a juice box!!! neat!!! Bahahahha!

Also, I saw the most amazing organic French tomatoes! Aren't they awesome and ripply?!

Anywho, that's is all for now. (Also, because our travel agent accidentally made a mistake with our trip, we will be in France a little longer than we expected) 
We'll keep you updated :) 
À tout à l'heure!! 


  1. bon séjour a Paris mais fais très attention aux pickpocket ! biz

    1. merci pour l'avertissement sur les pickpockets. nous allons essayer d'être très prudent :)