Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Paris day 5

I can't believe how time flew here in Paris. This city has so much to see and do. And today we spent the whole day in the Château de Versailles or in English Palace of Versailles. My hubby decided to do a private tour because he was unsure about the metro system here in Paris. He thought London Underground was easier to use because everything was in English, but since our French very basic, we decided to play it safe. 

Here's some photos from the Château de Versailles. 

The famous hall of mirrors 

The huge garden of Versailles with rectangular trees :)

Here's the other side of this man-made lake. 

Here's some little feathery friends my hubby and I met :) they were swimming around the lake lol

We also had some macarons from: angelina paris - chateau de versailles domaine de marie antoinette (cafe, vanille, pistache). The pistachio flavour was the best one I've ever had EVER!!

We then watched people walk by in Paris on a rainy evening, while eating at  La Terrasse du 7eme. We had the poissons morue avec des légumes sautés and magret de canard aux légumes sautés.
(Cod fillet and duck breast) 

I had an extra treat during dinner - Chocolat viennois chaud avec de la crème chantilly (Viennese hot chocolate with chantilly cream). It tasted like they melted a whole chocolate bar and made it into a drink hahahah 

Well until tomorrow folks. Xox

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