Monday, May 5, 2014

Paris day 4

I'm so sore today folks. I think walking for 10 hours/day, everyday,since April 27 has taken a toll on my poor body... Especially my calves and feet. Ouch! They feel so tight. 

But that still don't stop me from walking over to the boulangerie patisserie/ bakery pastry store down the street to buy - Pain au Chocolate, petit croissant, Pain aux raisins, poulet et tomates quiche, cafe and bailey macarons for me and my hubby's lunch. I got all of this food from this boulangerie patisserie on Avenue de la Motte-Picquet called Bretteau Jean-Marie Boulangerie patisserie. 

I will have to learn how to make that quiche though. It was so good!! 

After lunch we walked over to the Dôme des Invalides, which contains Napoleon I's tomb. The museum was closed this week for cleaning but his tomb was open for tourists. Omg! His coffin was HUGE!! It was as big as a trailer!! 

We then decided to go to City Pharma and the pharmacie beside it where I purchased a few skin care products I can't get in North America... 'embryolisse lait creme concentre', 'nuxe reve de miel', bioderma soothing refreshing water spray and  'homeoplasmine'. I was thinking of getting more embryolisse lait creme concentre since I probably won't be back in Paris for a little while. 

Finally, after a long day touring around the bus, finding out the catacombs is closed on Mondays, and looking at popular tourists areas, in Paris we decided to just grab pistachio ice creams, some salads at our local Carrefour and eat at the hotel :) 

See you guys tomorrow!! 

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