Thursday, May 1, 2014

London day 5

Hey guys!!! Today was a very rainy day here in London. But thankfully it was the ONE AND ONLY rainy day during our whole stay. It's been so sunny and nice, so the hubby and I can't complain. 

I was very bad today and went crazy shopping at Superdrug and Boots at Oxford street. I spent too much £££ on makeup that I would have to spend an arm and leg for to get in Canada... So that's my reasoning and excuse lol.

But the highlight of our day was going around Notting Hill neighbourhood and Kensington Palace... 
AND going to platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross station!!! 
Omg!!! I got to take a photo with the Hogwarts Trolley and Harry Potter's owl Hedwig :) My hubby and I also went to shop at the Harry Potter store :) He bought an official Ravenclaw sweater / jumper and I got an official gryffindor scarf!! Lol we felt like kids again! Especially me, Because I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. 

Here's a photo of Kings Cross

Anywho. One last day for us in London before we head over to Paris in the afternoon :) cheers!

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