Monday, April 28, 2014

London day 2

Wow!!! My feet are throbbing. Did lots of walking today. I can't believe how many places I'm excited to see in London.
The hubby and I decided to start of the morning having a traditional English breakfast at the Slug and Lettuce... And wow we got a deal for them, 50% off your whole meal. So we got both giant plates for £7.45. 

Right after we decided to ride the London Eye before it the rain began to sprinkle. We had to hop into these glass passenger capsules while it was still moving and the we went up 135m!! I was kinda scared. Hehehe 

We then decided to do a hop on hop off tour called "the original tour - London sightseeing" and head over to theBritish  museum :) because it was so sunny and humid this afternoon the hubby and I ended up buying ice cream cones and eating them in front of the museum. 

After, we hopped on the bus over to Westminster abbey, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to enjoy the bells ringing.

For supper, I decided to have another traditional English dish tonight - Cottage Pie (Minced beef with carrot, leek, onion and red wine, topped with a cheesy mash and served with garden peas and ciabatta) and the hubby had chicken tikka makhani  (Chicken breast pieces, in a creamy lentil, spinach & cashew nut curry sauce)

We also went back to M&S simple food (marks and Spencer's) and bought a pack of these chocolate sponge cake rolls, filled with chocolate and dipped in chocolate!!! Omg!!! It's amazing!!! 

Anywho.... That's all for now everyone! 

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