Sunday, April 27, 2014

Keep calm and go to London - day 1

Hey all!
I'm so excited to say the hubby and I just arrived in London, England! We're celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary here :) here's a picture of our hotel... It's right beside the London Eye!

But before we ended up in London we had a stop over at Minneapolis, Minnesota :) such polite people over there. 

View of Minneapolis, Minnesota from my plane window. 

Anywho, here's a little tip if you ever decide to vacation in London... Don't take the taxi from Heathrow airport to central London. Take the train/ Underground tube instead. We were told the taxi ride would cost us between £85-100 because of the traffic. So we took the express tube to Paddington station and only paid £42. Then took a taxi ride from Paddington to the London eye for £20. Also our taxi cab driver gave us good tips! He said not to pay more than £5 for a decent breakfast or lunch... But expect to pay more for supper. Another tip a patient told me was to grab cheap sandwiches and drinks at the M&S (Marks and Spencer's) grocery store, most of the food were under £2 or were 3 for 2. 

Note: my hubby ate one of the giant tubs of yogurt already. The strawberry and cream yogurt flavour tasted a whole lot better than the honey and ginger. 

While at the Waterloo underground station we also went to their local beauty and pharmacy shop called "Boots" and I bought a few makeup products we can't get in Canada. Everything was 3 for 2!!

Finally we headed over to Cucina cafe and restaurant in front of our hotel and ordered some bangers and mash :) 
 Well that's all for now folks! I'll be blogging about my day to day trip here in London for the next 5 days and then we're off to Paris and Amsterdam :)

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