Friday, February 28, 2014

Goals for 2014

Hey everyone!
I've been inspired by my super talented blogger friend Thanh from
to make some goals this year. I've never written goals for myself and really wanted to try it for 2014. I hope with lots of effort I will be able to attain my goals.

So here's my little GOALS for 2014 list:
  1. Go for jogs 2 - 3 times / per week... at least 30-40 minutes
  2. Save more money!! live like I'm a student again! *** (this will be a challenge)
  3. Do less craft hauls (this will definitely be a challenge LOL)
  4. Eat healthier... eat more soups and salads for lunch or dinner... snack less on processed food (I love my turkey jerky)
  5. Spend more time with my mom, dad and brother
  6. Do more weekend dates with the hubby
  7. Go for MORE high teas with my cousin
  8. Learn how to bake pastries, cakes and cookies from scratch (I suck at baking)
  9. Do yoga during the weekends if I can't go for jogs
  10. Cook more diverse meals at home
  11. Attend 5 musicals/ shows/ seasonal events around town 
  12. Use social media more to show appreciation to the things around me
  13. Travel more!!!
  14. Learn how to decrease my anxiety
  15. Read 10 books
  16. Try 20 new restaurants and different cuisines
  17. Attend 3 concerts
  18. Start submitting my projects for publication
  19. Register for 5 card making classes around town
  20. Start volunteering again

... here I am using my social media more... =)
Showing a little love to my cute little hamster hehe


  1. YA!!! Go kick some ass this year, girl! <3 I'm so happy that you've set your intentions for 2014. Doesn't it feel awesome to see all of that written down? Maybe we can go running together one of these days.

    1. it does! it feels kinda neat to write everything down, I feel more accountable lol hahahah I might pass out when I run with you, I'm just starting out. But if you're up for yin yoga I'm in =)

    2. Lol dude, no. I'm doing a very gentle program. It's called "Couch to 5K"