Friday, September 20, 2013

September Lawn Fawn Haul !!!

Hey guys!!!
TGIF!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I'm so excited!!! and SO POOPED!!! I've had a LONG LONG very TIRING week at work... I actually fell asleep pretty much on top of my lunch today... =S *yikes*
I hope you all had a good day though... because when I went to visit my folks today...
I got HAPPY MAIL from Custom Crops! YAY!
As you all know I love Custom Crops for their crazy amazing Lawn Fawn Sales that they sometimes have during national N. American Holidays. And I seriously went overboard again with my Lawn Fawn Stamps *I have to declare... that I may be the biggest Lawn Fawn Stamp Lover out there!!!*
I will post an updated Lawn Fawn Collection here in blogspot because my collection has grown =)
I think I pretty much have 80-90% of all their stamps... Lawn Fawn is almost beating my collection of The Greeting Farm Stamps... ehmagawd! and you all know how much I love TGF!! lol
I feel like I always keep waiting for what Marie, from TGF and Kelly Marie, from Lawn Fawn come up with for the new season... and then I have to decide which company to spend my money on hehehehe
anywho... here's my HAUL!!! Enjoy!!!

I finally broke down and buy the Lawn Cuts (dies)
and admit I cannot fussy cut as well as everyone else in blogspot land... =(

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