Friday, February 22, 2013

paper smooches haul

Thank GOD it's Friday! wow! I had a rough week... how about you?
I swear there's probably such a thing as Murphy's Law because hand to God, if it went wrong this past week... it went wrong in ALL levels...
but I'm glad everything is finally over and I had an AWESOME surprise in the mail!
So I ordered from Paper Smooches!
I think this company reminds me a lot of Lawn Fawn for some reason...and you all know how much I LOVE Lawn Fawn stamps! anywho.... I bought 3 of their stamps...

sorry my photos are sideways... I didn't know how to make them right side up because I took these pictures on my iphone4s

this is how I got all of them...

So anyways, I haven't ordered from Paper Smooches in a long time but for those of you who regularly do order, have you had any problem with the packaging?
 because... when I received my Chilly Chums  stamps... the stamps inside the clear packaging was reversed... it was flipped backwards, and the bar-code sticker on the back on the stamp was ripped and peeling... so I'm just worried my stamp is defective? 
(I had to fix it so I can take a photo of how the Chilly Chums looks the correct way)
anyways... anyone had this problem with Paper Smooches or other companies before??? Drop me a line below

UPDATE: February 23, 2013 
So I emailed Kim and she has offered a replacement for my odd stamp,
She's SO SWEET! I'm seriously loving the Paper Smooches Co. more because of their hands-on SUPER service!
I'm definitely going to be buying more of their stamps in the future =)


  1. Hey girl. Did you email Kim? I'm sure there was a mishap or something. I know she's proud of the products and we service so if this doesn't sit right with you, let her know.

    1. No I haven't emailed her... I just thought maybe this was what was norm? I had to put a piece of tape on the barcode sticker because it kept peeling off...

    2. Email her! It just seems odd...

    3. I just emailed her, Kim is so sweet!
      she offered to replace it =) but I didn't see any major damage on the clear stamps, so it was all good =)