Friday, January 4, 2013

how do you store your clear stamps?

Hi everyone!
So as you all may probably know I've been pretty obsessed with Lawn Fawn clear stamps =)
and because my collection has been growing, I'm not quite sure how to store them...
How do you store yours?
I keep mine in a clear plastic container I bought from Michaels.

 here's how store mine

the problem is, I wish there was a better way to store them...
like maybe in a carousel that can spin around that can sit on top of my desk...
So how do you guys store your clear stamps???'s some photos of my collection =)


  1. What a sweet collection of stamps!
    If you figure out a better way could you let me know, my stamps definately need to be organized.

  2. Hi Grace! The way I store mine is in a basket and that makes it easier to flip through them as I look for what I need. LOL I think you're going to outgrow your system soon.

  3. Hi Grace, I think it is funny that you should ask this question. For Christmas I found these awesome page dividers from Martha Stewart at 'Staples'. They come in 3 different designs, but I only wanted or needed the 2 different ones. There is one style that is devided in half and the other is divided in fours. I use the 2 half ones for my bigger LF stamp sets and the 4 divided ones for the smaller sets. The medium sets are put into the 2 half sheets and work perfectly for all of them. I thought I had become obcessed with these stamps from LF, but I think you have me beat. lol. They are made of think plastic with a cover over the top so they hold up very well. Jerry and the kids bought me a ton of them along with a big 3 ring binder and I love, love how it turned out. I will take pictures tomorrow and share it on my blog so you can get a better idea of how it works. Hugs, Lisa G

  4. Hi Grace, I am back to bug you once again. :O) I finally got around to putting up my Lawn Fawn storage. It is on my post for today if you would like to check it out. Mind you I don't quite have as many as you do yet, but I'm still working on it. I think if I had a lot of them I would make one binder for the alphas and seperate one for holidays and maybe even a third one for animals. :O) Have a great evening. Hugs, Lisa G