Sunday, October 7, 2012

lawn fawn happy mail

Hi everyone~~~
how was your thanksgiving dinner???
(Sorry... here in Canada we celebrate our THANKSGIVING DAY in October... I know in the USA, they celebrate theirs in November =) so it's a little confusing, because in November, us Canadians we have Remembrance Day instead hehe)

I went to visit my folks and guess what??
I got Happy Mail from Simon Says Stamp!!!
and this mail was from when Lawn Fawn was giving away a 15% off coupon per order when you buy Lawn Fawn Stamps from Simon Says =)
well I kinda got the tail end of it and I didn't exactly get ALL the stamps I wanted, BUT I still got some of the stamps I wanted on sale =) so YAY!!!
SO I hope you guys have a happy long weekend =)

here's a little blurry photo of what I got:

I got:
check this out 
(I wanted to get this one so bad because on the date stamp... it says... JAN 11... and that's my birthday!!! isn't it FUNNY??? lol So I had to get it for SURE!)
- winter owl
heebie jeebies
my cup of tea
- just my type
just my type, too

My next purchase of Lawn Fawns I really want to get so thankful , critters ever after , you've got mail
 , admit one & sweet christmas


  1. great LF goodies! I stocked up like you did :) happy thanksgiving!

  2. So fun! We can't wait to see what you create! :)