Saturday, September 1, 2012

colouring with pencil crayons and OMS

Hi guys!!!
So I've been experimenting with my Pencil Crayons and OMS!
I thought I would give this technique a try... something different from copics =)

my supplies:
- TGF stamp
- tsukineko memento tuxedo black ink (I found this didn't smudge when I used my OMS)
- Odourless mineral spirit aka OMS: this is thinner for oil colours or varnishes & mediums.
- blending STUMPS
- prisma colour pencils or dewert coloursoft pencils (I own 2 different types of pencil crayons)
- recollections cardstock paper from Michael's stores

So, after stamping my TGF stamp using my tsukineko memento tuxedo black ink,
I coloured each section of my Anya image (starting with her skin, then clothes and then her hair and accessories using my pencil crayons. )

this is the brand of blending stumps from Michaels,
but I actually found cheaper blending stumps from Desseres in Vancouver.
NOTE: I use a different blending stump for each colour family...
So I have about 11-12 blending stumps

blending stump from Desseres and Sanding block

So after colouring my image, I would dip about 1 inch of my blending tip into my bottle of OMS, & I would let the tip of the stump sit in the liquid for about 3 seconds. This ensured that I had a good amount of OMS in my blending stump to adequately blend the pencil crayons on my image.

Then I gently blended the coloured sections of my TGF image
(I blended in "flicking" motions for the hair of the TGF image BUT in small circular motions for the clothing/skin/accessories)
NOTE: I would change my blending stump, every time I had to blend a new colour.
Also, when the stump became dull I would use sandpaper to sharpen the tip.

here's the brand of OMS I used,
I liked this brand because it had a child proof cap
and the bottle was made of glass =)
 (it also has a translation in French hehehe "essence minerale inodore")

Here are the FINAL results:

for this image I used -  prisma colour pencils

here's my image using:  Dewert coloursoft pencils 

I can't decide which brand of pencil crayons I liked best.

Anyways... I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial =)
Happy Crafting!


  1. love your mini tutorial, grace!! love it,,, sadly the prisma is tooo xpensive here and OMS was not available here on my place.. great colouring/ blending! :)