Sunday, September 30, 2012

sweet pink

hi guys!!!
here's my entry for: TGF - pink and sweet stop sketch
Happy Crafting!

here's my card

here's the sketch

sketch at tiddly inks

hi everyone!
here's my entry for tiddly inks this week =)
I didn't have a proper card stock to match the "Tiffany Blue" colour of my bird, so I just punched out flowers from this paper from Tiffany & Co. I got from the TIffany's store in Manhattan hehehehe 

here's my card

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copics for beginners

Hi everyone!!!
So I just returned from NYC and I had a great time!!!
My hubby and I are already talking about when we're going to go back to Manhattan =)

I thought I should write about copic markers.
As many of you know I love to colour with copic markers, buy I know that feeling of frustration when I first wanted to buy them, but didn't know much about copics. I also know what beginners felt with the initial shock of their cost and confusion of what colours to start out with...

But for those who are REALLY new to COPICS here's a little blurb about them from wikipedia:

"Copic (コピック Kopikku?) is a brand of marker made in Japan by Too and distributed in the United States and Canada by Imagination International. The markers are available in 358 colors and are refillable. The inks used to refill the markers can be mixed to create new colors, and empty markers are sold for this purpose. There is also an airbrush system available.
Copic markers have two tips to cover a wide range of uses; a chisel-style tip at one end and a brush tip at the other. It may also have a round tip. The markers utilize permanent, non-toxic, alcohol-based ink. The markers are also available in a wide style that will more easily cover large areas."

So, there are 4 different types of COPICS available in N. America:
- Original
- sketch
- cioa
- wide

I personally prefer using the SKETCH because they are available in all 358 colors and have replaceable nibs (brush and broad tips ) and you can buy refillable inks. Also, because the markers are shaped like an oval it doesn't roll off your art table. But for more information, I suggest new users to go to the official COPICS WEBSITE to have all their questions answered.

SO, I'm just going to post colours I have purchased, I often use and have become my favourites.

Because when I first started with copics, I asked constantly asked myself
"What colours of copics should I buy?"...
"I don't want to spend so much money... what are the basic colours should I purchase"...etc...
and the answer is...
It's up to you... choose colours you like and are initially attracted to...
BUT the only tip I have to give is, to also purchase the colours that you will need to be able to BLEND together the colours you chose. I'll explain this further in a bit.

Here's some photos of MY personal favourite copics I always use...
and trust me everyone who uses COPIC markers have their OWN faves and you can find their opinions all over the net.

(NOTE: pay attention to the numbers written on the markers)

here are the 2 basics markers you will need-
the colourless blender - this pushes the colours around
and basic black

here are the colours I personally LOVE from each colour family

ORANGES (YR means - yellow reds)








BROWNS - for skin 
(the E means brown)



For those beginners who examined the photos above, you may have noticed the numbers written on the markers from each colour family are very close to each other...
(at the most, 1-3 # apart from one another) 
for example: C3,  C5, C7, C9 or E21, E23, E25, E27
         -   the closer the number are to each other the easier they are to blend... therefore, when you colour with your markers, they will look more BLENDED and less divided/ separate
         -   ALSO the first number of the double digit numbers written on the markers should always match... 
             ie: R20 , R22 , R24 , R27 ... this will help when you are trying to blend and colour, because the first number informs you how bright the colours are. The markers that have 0s or 1′s as their first number will be brighter than those that start with with 8's or 9's (these markers with an 8 or 9 as their first # will have more gray tones in them.)
In addition, the last number lets you know how pale or rich the marker will be when you colour.  The closer the second # is to O or 1 the lighter it will be.
             ie: R 22 will be a lighter red than R 27
         -  the LETTERS in front of the # tells you which "colour family" the marker belongs to

This is how I keep track of all my markers

COPIC CHART - this can be printed ...
my favourite one is from Suzanne Dean; here's the link

the craft bag is from Michaels crafts and
I have divided each colour family using pen holders from the dollar bins also from Michaels

anyway... I hope that helped a little...
and remember, there is NO right or wrong set of markers to start with...
go with what you like... think about what images you're going to colour the most and go from there.
Cheers! and Good Luck

PS: I wanted to add this photo of a pamphlet I got from Michaels
click on the photo to enlarge =)

and don't forget I'm giving away a 
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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Start spreading the news
I am leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York !!!

celebrating our 1 year anniversary!!!
& our very first photo in Manhattan, NYC

one of the new year's eve balls that drops from Times Square =)

Times Square @ 8 am


the view from our suite =)

I can't wait to post up some more photos during my trip!!!
See you guys in a week =)