Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi everyone!!
how was your Canada Day?
I spent mine @ Steveston Village in Greater Vancouver with my family =)
and when my mom and I were eating our dinner I found a heart shaped calamari!!! isn't this so cute!?
it kinda looks like Mickey Mouse/ Heart LOL

hahahah sorry I don't have many cool stories like everyone else on blogger =P
I always find it fascinating how so many of you have such interesting things happen in your everyday lives... mine is seriously boring/ mundane... other than the fact I go to work, come home make dinner, clean up a little, go to my yoga class, watch TV and hangout with my hubby and play with our hamster LOL

here's my little hamster asleep in my hands - you can't really see his eyes LOL
 but his nose is super pink & his little buck teeth =)

anywho here's my card for TGFSC20 =)

here's my card

here's the sketch by the lovely Jess =)

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