Saturday, July 28, 2012

Haul from Custom Crops

Hi guys!
So I'm pretty obsessed with this line of stamps called "Lawn Fawn" by Kelly Marie of California
and I've been slowly collecting her stamps =)

and as you all know I'm always looking for sales and guess who has one right now???

*here's the little tid bit about the company though... they have gotten some bad reviews from 2008 because of their slow shipping... BUT I live in Canada and my giant manila envelope full of stamps got here in approx 16 days!!!
 that's SUPER FAST for me because they sent my order from Illinois, USA...
AND!!! they have the cheapest prices!*

I hope you guys check them out because if you're like me and LOVE discounts and don't mind waiting for 2 weeks your orders then I think you should check out Custom Crops!
I will definitely be ordering from them again ASAP!!!

here's my NEW Lawn Fawn stamps!!! YAY!!!

and here's a sample they gave me =) thank you Custom Crops!

now my collection includes (some are in the photo; some are my older sets):

here's some photos of my collection =)

(my critters)

(smiling objects & fruits)

(mini sets)


  1. I felt your excitement as I read through your post Grace, what a fun package to get in the mail. FYI...if you ever get to come and visit me we can spend a night cropping at Custom Crops! They are 45 minutes from my house and right down the street from my hubs work place!
    Enjoy your new goodies!