Sunday, July 8, 2012

Copic Haul

Hi everyone!!!
So... as you all know I colour with copic markers (like many of you bloggers out there) and I just had to share with you a mini haul!
I bought some copics from my local Michaels using my 15% off coupon =) YAY!!!
and these colours weren't available from my local Michaels before... hence, I had to spend the dough LOL
(it comes to approximately the same price if I had ordered mine from + the shipping and handling)... So here's a sneak peak at my new copic markers!!! YAHOO!!!

I bought 26 new markers! 
(I had to put them in a bowl & I took the photo with my mobile because I'm at my parent's house hehehehe)

PS: here's a pic of my hamster begging for a treat!!! SO CUTE!!!


  1. Oooo, I wonder if all Michaels are going to carry those? I have all of their colors already, it would be nice if they got some new ones in too!!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh, lots of fun and new colors! Enjoy creating!