Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lawn Fawn Haul

HI everyone!!!
sorry but I just had to post this...
I have this new clear stamp obsession!!!
I just ordered like 1/2 a dozen lawn fawn stamps from Scrapyland!!!
(I love this store! they have the cheapest prices in all of North America... and I'm pretty frugal; so I always shop @ Dan's Store... <-  the owner's name)

Oh! & Kelly Marie is the owner and designer and everything in between for the Lawn Fawn Stamps and I love her little cute cuddly creations! her drawings/stamps are so ADORABLE!!!
You guys can find her @ Lawn Fawn blog! ALSO her how to videos are so helpful!

here's a blurry photo I took with my blackberry... but I just have to show you all =)
I send all my orders to my parent's house because they have a larger mail box compared to my condo... so I took this photo on my mom's kitchen-glass dish holder hehehehe

now my collection includes (some are in the photo; some are my older sets):
- (I really want to get the critters in the forest, critters down under, make lemonade, happy summer, plus one & on the mend... but that will have to wait because I spent too much $$$ with this haul LOL & shipping to Western Canada is not cheap either... oy!)

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