Sunday, May 6, 2012

May cardpatterns

Hi guys!
quick card for cardpatterns =)
seriously... when everything is cleaned & organized... & I'm on leave for this surgery from work & I'm not allowed to go to the gym... & all my friends / family are busy; I don't have anything else better to do than craft =P
What do you girls do when everything is done & ready?
 I'm SO bored LOL

anyways, here's my card

here's my sketch


  1. Awww hey Grace! Hang in there. Maybe we can go for a coffee - are you able to do that?

    1. Omg! I'm still totally covered in stitches =( can I take a rain check? You're the sweetest!!

  2. That's a fun and simple layout, loved how it turned out! Pretty card!

    Maybe with all this time on your hands you could start xmas cards....??? I waited until the last minute last year, and I swore I wouldn't do that again! ;)

  3. What a great idea!! I never thought of doing that now! I better get to it, Thanks Rachel =)

  4. Awesome card! Love the image that you used and the colouring is great. Thank you for playing along at Card Patterns!

  5. Absolutely adorable! Love your take on the sketch.