Monday, May 7, 2012

Just Because Giveaway!!!

I'm just been going through my stuff & thought... WHY NOT HAVE A MINI GIVEAWAY!!! =)
I've been practicing with my watercolouring techniques & had some heavy watercolour papers I thought you guys would like to try =)

 here's the brand of watercolour paper I've been practicing with...

I had to cut it up into mailable pieces (3 inches x 4 inches... & you will receive 36 of those 3x4 papers) 

Also... I have this weird OCD about having perfect symmetry about my stuff... anyways... I had one of my older TGF rubber stamps that I had TRIED to cut but failed...
anywho... I thought instead of selling it on ebay or on my blog, I thought I would just give it away with this MINI just because giveaway =)

here's a photo of the TGF Fleur Anya I had bought, used gently & tried to cut perfectly

Sorry about the terrible photo. I tried to contrast the raise part to show Fleur Anya. 

I will also include surprises of designer paper in this giveaway, inside the package the winner will be getting =) *YAY!!!*

Here's how you enter & WIN!!!
1) leave a comment below the post on my blog in order to qualify to win. 
That's It =) and it's open to everyone in N. America and
 internationally =)


  1. Hi Grace. I love your blog. I often pop by to see what you have been creating. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love that you are including international followers. Happy crafting

  2. Thats beautiful. Already been following you.

  3. this is so very nice of you! Thank you so much!!! Happy crafting!