Saturday, March 31, 2012

clean sweet stop

Hi everyone!
I actually woke up early on a Saturday morning to have some time for myself hehehe
and now I have some time to post up cards I made today throughout this week =)
PS: how do you like the new set up of blogger??? I'm on the fence about it....hhhmmmmm

happy craftin folks!

here's my card

here's the sketch - sweet stop sketches

simply CPS

Hi friends!
I can't believe it's already the last day of March! holy moly where did the time go???
I feel like time just flies by when you're older LOL
anyways here's my entry for CPS this week =)

here's my card

here's my sketch

Friday, March 30, 2012

easter card

Hi everyone!!
here's my entry for paper smooches and cute card thursday this week =)
I made this card a few days ago but I never had the chance to post it up.
& I love the little bunnies in this photo they had chosen to inspire us.
I hope you all love what I ended up with hehehe

here's my card

here's the photo inspiration

see you later, Greeting Farm!!!

Hi Friends!
I can't believe it, but the end of the month is here and it's my final days as your March Guest Designer *sad face* But I'm pretty sure, you will all see me around with my weekly card entries for TGF's awesome blog challenges =) Hence, that's why I'll "see you later" friends heehee.

So, have you checked out the NEW releases for this month yet??? OMG!  if you haven't I will have to insist that you do! I have been having so much fun stamping and colouring these stamp sets and TGF's new line of stamps called "Bean Collection!!!" I have to say, they are a MUST HAVE in your collection!
They're just so EASY, VERSATILE and FUN to mix and match!

Here's a card which I made using the main image from "Sitting Cute" and the couch from "Sitting Casual"

(I have to say, this is the cutest couch I have ever seen! I love using it for all 3 new "Sitting" sets)

ALSO, here's another card I made using one of the new stamps from the "Bean Collection"
and I used this week's SCS as inspiration =) 
*I hope you all entered your cards @ SCS*

I hope you all can see from my cards that these new releases can be used in so many different ways 
and they can also be combined with each other!

Anyways, I had a FANTASTIC time as the March Guest Designer! 
and I would like to THANK Marie, Jess and the teams for making me feel so welcomed =) 
I hope that you all have a GREAT weekend and an AMAZING month of April! 

Thanks everyone!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I was featured in the March TGF Newsletter!

Hi everyone!!!
I just wanted to share with you this month's TGF Newsletter =)
I'm featured as their MARCH GUEST DESIGNER!!!
YAY!!! its a dream come true!!!
thanks for all your support and kindness =)
happy crafting!!!
Hello, TGF friends!


Hard to believe that we are SPRINGING into our 2nd quarter of 2012 already, isn't it?   The time is flying, weather is warming, and well, Spring is definitely in the air!

For some of you, the next few weeks mark "Spring break".  It always baffles me at how fast we move from Spring Break to Summer... by the time we get back from our school breaks, the weather is warmer, there's a different vibe in the air, and the kids are 'checking out' mentally from school long before that last bell of the school year rings in May or June, haha.   Well, hopefully not TOO soon before ;)

I always equate this time to be 'on the brink' of something.  While we are looking for a renewal- a "Springtime" of the soul for some of us, it's a welcome change from the mundane months of winter and the daily routine.  For others, it's a great vacation, a change in weather equating a change in attitude...for me, it's all of this above, but it's also a time to get MOTIVATED.  Spring Cleaning.  We all hate it, but darn if it doesn't feel good when it's all taken care of- we are on the brink of the OLD, and ready to move into the NEW.   Personally, I have a TON of "new" on the you?   From the new paper I allowed myself to buy after I used all of it up these last months from a new goal I'm pursuing, I love "springing" into the new and/or renewed.  

What do you hope to do, new, or "renewed" this Spring?  What are you throwing away with the Spring Cleaning- both literal and proverbial, this year and what are you keeping in your life?  Is there something "new" you are aspiring to do, or purchase, or look into?   I'd love to hear about it!  Email me and share your story if you feel like it :)

In the mean time, I LOVE bringing some NEW into the Farm and we are really excited about our March be on the lookout for some awesomeness in this issue...and speaking of new..there are FIVE new sets, a NEW character line, AND a new "interactive" that enough NEW for ya?   Enjoy!

Wishing you the BEST and the MOST....always....
Jess :)
Introducing our MARCH Guest Designer, GRACE LIN!

The Greeting Farm is thrilled to welcome GRACE as our March Guest Designer!  For those of you, especially who participate in our challenges, you know that Grace is NO stranger to the Farm!
In fact, I fell in love with her creations SOME time ago so we are thrilled to have her on board this month!

We had a chance to chat w/ Grace for a's a fun read and lots of info to get to know her better so sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and hang with Grace and TGF!

What is the #1 crafting item that you simply cannot work without?

I'll have to say the #1 item I can't live without would be my ATG gun & my TGF stamps. As you all know I make most of my cards with TGF rubber stamps :) but I need my ATG to glue my creations together. Hahaha
Seriously though,  I have no idea what I did before I bought my ATG. Nothing compares to it.

What do you reach for first when creating?  Paper? Stamps? Sketches? Embellishments?
I always always always reach for a sketch. That's the most challenging part for me. Colours and patterned papers and Colour coordinating is easy, but I can't somehow create my own sketch. It's just so hard.   
How did you first come to find TGF?

Well, I found TGF when I was introduced by my friend Jody to card making. And one day I was googling/ youtube-ing/ searching for popular rubber stamps used for card making, and TGF kept popping up during my search...And the rest was history.
3 NON-crafty facts related to you!
3 things that the crafting world doesn't know about me are:
a) I come from a multi-racial background. I'm a mix of: English, Spanish, east Indian, Filipino & Chinese. But culturally, I am Canadian.
b) I love to travel. I've been to 4 different countries in the last 5 months. My goal is to travel to a different part of the world every 6 months. My next destination is probably Tokyo  or maybe Alaska. I still can't decide.
c) I'm always searching for the perfect pair of jeans, the most versatile little black dress and that classic "day to night" handbag/purse. Everytime I go into the mall those are the 3 things I always look at. (now, I own about 15-20 little black dresses lol)  
Haha, well, I'm definitely with ya on the purses, there!
Last but not least, here's a gorgeous little card Grace shared with us last week during her introduction on the blog:
Thanks so much, Grace!
So glad to have you as our Feb. guest! 
Our March CUSTOMER Feature is coloring our WORLD!  
We are so excited to bring you our MARCH Customer Feature by a very talented friend of the Farm, Andrea Murdock!

Andrea has prepared an amazing coloring tutorial for you all and we are pleased to have her this month, thanks Andi!

...and here's a little sneak peek of what you'll be seeing inside the pages of her fantastic tutorial:

Thanks again Andi for this super helpful coloring tutorial!

Would YOU like to be our next Customer Feature?  See below for details!
MARCH RELEASES.... SITTIN' pretty and Shimmery Glimmer!  WoW!  What a release!
We are SO PROUD of the March excitement generated by our DT and customers alike this much so that we sold out of a few designs...and we debuted FIVE new sets, a NEW character line, and a new INTERACTIVE line featuring your favorite lovable TGF BFF's, Anya and Ian :)  It was an extraordinary month, a SUPER fun release party, and great previews by the TGF PREMIERE FARMERS!   Here are just a few of them:

Sample by Jessica Diedrich
Sample by Corinna McGregor

Sample by Wendy Ramlakhan

Sample by Jessica Diedrich

Sample by Marie Xiong

Sample by Maria Therese Hatloy 
Sample by Simonne Clay

We hope you guys adore these new kids on the block as much as we do!  Be sure to link up your fabulous creations when you get your new stamps shipped to you!
YOU and your ARTICLE...HERE!

Do you have a fun technique or tutorial that you'd love to show off just like Jess's awesomely edible arrangement above???   Have a coloring tip or 3D item that you've been really wanting to share?  Most importantly, want the opportunity to earn FREE stamps?

Well, c'mon down, as Mr. Barker would say ;)  TGF is looking for a few good articles to showcase in 2012 and would love to feature a CUSTOMER feature EVERY MONTH during this year!

Please email Jessica with your ideas, tips, and tricks or to inquire about a TGF Customer feature for the Newsletter at yeahshestamps at

Articles/features will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and I'll be booking the next few months asap, so I can't WAIT to hear from you!!!!

We are so excited about our MARCH MADNESS contest going on NOW!

(Card by Showcase DT member Tracy Valure)

If you're not participating, we sure do hope you'll come out to our Facebook page and vote for a winner on March 28th!  We are MAD about our adorable TGF stamps...and even more mad about YOU, our customers!

...and speaking of challenges, be on the lookout for some exciting announcements about our CHALLENGES beginning in April!

We are switching things up just a bit and are excited to be bringing "Farm Fresh Friday's" home to the TGF blogand sampled by our SHOWCASE DT.  Lots more news on that to come so stay tuned!

Looking Ahead...

Here are some important dates for the rest of the month of MARCH:

COUPON DAY!  Save 10% w/ the coupon below!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28th- voting begins/ends for our MARCH MADNESS contest and WINNERS announced on our FACEBOOK page :)  Hope you'll join us! 

a VERY special FFF-stay tuned!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

weekend recipe

hi friends =)
how's your weekend going???
I'm having a little down time and I decided to make a recipe card with the help of simon says and MOJO Monday =)
have a great weekend!!!

here's my card

here's the sketch

and here's the recipe 
(I used: flowers, lace and ribbon)

PS: thank you LILY for the AWESOME award!!!
everyone please go to her blog and send her some love! she's an AMAZING crafter =)
you all must see her work =)