Tuesday, January 3, 2012

coffee for internet

Hi everyone!!!
OK... you may all think
"OH you got your internet connection back!"
no... I don't... *sad*
I'm actually just having coffee at my local coffee shop that has FREE WIFI!!!
and to top it off... they're OPEN until midnight!!! YAY!!! =)

I just have to buy something heheheh
* hahahha I'm pathetic... no internet for over 6 weeks!?... what was I thinking!!! I should've made the internet person go to my condo during the holidays to connect me to the net!!! ... nah... I'm not that mean LOL*

So I apologize in advance because I'll be posting 3 new entries for this week's challenges =S

here's my entry for
TGF - blue, white and another colour... (I chose orange... because I don't use orange enough in my cards and I finally used my Ian Quarterback stamp! OMG... he's been in my collection forever! and I kinda just left him there...),
cardpatterns - sketch


here's the sketch

here's my card


  1. Grace so sorry about your internet, that's not fun. Hope you will be getting it back soon. I like your little football player..my grandson loves orange.

  2. Great minds think alike! I used orange too. LOL Fab spirit filled card. Thanks for joining the Monday Funday challenge!

  3. Fabulous card! Love the blue and orange combo. Great take on the Card Patterns sketch!

  4. Grace..I feel your pain. I went 3 weeks with out but it felt like..3 months... So hoping you will be "connected" soon.. But on the flip side your card is just Really Cute.. love the colors.. Thank you for playing along with our challenge this week.