Friday, November 4, 2011

Twinery mini Haul

hi everyone!
so I just got this tiny Haul from the Twinery =)
I wanted to share with everyone how AWESOME the baker's twine I bought from this store.
for $14 with $4.50 shipping/handling I got 240 yards!
I mean, I get charged 50 cents per yard of baker's twine from my local scrapbook store...
I would have to spend $120 for the same amount of twine... that's insane! LOL

So the colour I bought is "Stone - Gray & White Eco-Luxe Baker's Twine"
and they also sent me 4 samples of 4 different colours of their other twines =)
here's some photos of how LARGE this spool is

(I chose this colour because its a neutral and I can use it for any type of card heehee...
I think you girls who love twine should really check them out =) its so worth it!)

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