Monday, November 7, 2011

I've been chibi'd by Kristy!!!

OMG!!! So....
I've been seeing everyone with all these chibi cartoon versions of themselves!
So I went to Kristy - the owner of some odd girl digi & clear stamps; and voila!!!
she made me into a CHIBI!!!
Kristy is AMAZING girls! She really puts her heart into making you into a chibi cartoon,
and its worth every cent you pay her =) I am so happy with my chibi ME! & I think you girls would love it too!
for more information, check out her site:
thank you Kristy!!! I hope you had a happy birthday month!!

happy crafting everyone!!!
here I am as a chibi
what do you girls think???

(PS: I just found out I won @ "the odd girl" birthday giveway!!! )


  1. I love it! Isn't it crazy how she really makes it look like you?

  2. have a twin?!! LOL! You spent wisely 'cuz Kristy did a fab job on your chibi!


  3. So glad you like it!!! You were really fun to draw! :)