Monday, October 17, 2011

farm fresh spy day

hi ladies!
omg... its monday...oy...
anywho, I went shopping today for more "professional/ office" clothe, since I pretty much live in surgical scrubs all day. I'm seriously having a hard time shopping for non-hospital type of clothing.
Do any of you work in the office?
where do you ladies shop?
and how do you put your outfits together?
I feel so lost! aaahhhh!
and I'm getting frustrated... I mean, I know how to dress for semi formal and formal occasions...
but I dont know how to dress for professional/ office days... because I've never worked in an office EVER!

anyways, I would really appreciate any helpful hints.

anywho, here's my entry for
TGF - friday spy day
7 kids college - halloween


(my camera really stinks =( boo...)


  1. I ove her hair and very cute layout.. Thanks soo much for playing along with this week's challenge.

  2. Teriffic job, as always, Grace! Thanks for joining this week's Friday Spyday challenge at the FFC blog!