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Fall is in the air, TGF Friends!

September is here.

YES!  I said SEPTEMBER IS HERE!  Is anyone else sort of in shock about this?  I know I am.  Time passes so quickly these days, it's crazy.  Fall is definitely here, and to me, Fall symbolizes change.   While nothing is 'changing' at TGF, I always experience a personal 'shift' this time of year in terms of the school year.  "Mom's taxi" is in full force as we are more involved in activities than ever and I am the proud mom of two dancers, two basketball players, a girl scout, a choir singer, an alter server, and two karate students.  And that is of course, spread among my fab four (omgosh, can you imagine if it were 9 kids?  Yikes!)  These are all wonderful "shifts", of course, as we, well... shift into Fall.  But life gets busy, and so as I finally sit "still" tonight to write my beloved newsletter, I remember to take the TIME to appreciate.  To stand smile...and watch my babies as they flourish and have a TON of fun in the mean time :)

I also feel 'the shift' in my crafting.  Seasonal cards are RIGHT around the corner and I have some really cute Halloween paper that someone just sent me and I can't wait to bust it open!    We may have a milder 'four seasons' here, but we do still have all four , and although I'm a beach girl at heart, I do adore the Fall.  It's almost time for apple picking, cider donuts (yum!), corn mazes, and costumes.  Bring it on!  This chick is ready :)

....but that's just me!  What do YOU have going on in your lives right now?  Are you experiencing "the shift", too?  Perhaps in your job, your personal life, YOUR crafting?  I'd love to hear about it!  Maybe there's an exciting change you've been on the fence about and the time is NOW to take the leap?  I am envisioning a pile of of my favorite things to jump I say, let's JUMP!  

Wishing you the BEST and the MOST....always....
Jess :)
...a SPECTACULAR September, indeed!  

Thanks so much to all of you who came out for our "Spectacular September" BLOG HOP and Release this past month.  What a great turnout as we welcomed FOUR new releases into our TGF family of characters!

Speaking of family, we welcomed JESS MARIN as our September Guest this month and she's been doing a fabulous job!  If you haven't stopped by to welcome her personally yet, we'd love you to visit her!

Here's a little recap of our NEW releases, available as of September 1st!

designed by Farmer Kim Yu:
designed by Farmer Tracey:

Wild Sprout LOGAN
designed by Farmer Carisa:

designed by Jessica:

Be sure to visit the TGF blog and ALL the Farmers' blogs for even MORE inspiration this month!  Hooray for Spectacular September!
Here, Kitty, Kitty.... 


We are SO excited to announce the release of a Special Edition digi-stamp, "Cheeky Kitty"!   This adorable new stamp is purrrfect for Halloween, or even the holidays as you can see from the amazing samples below!  Enjoy...and be sure to grab this fantastic feline before she disappears!

by Jess:

DT Sample by Denice:

DT Sample by Kim Yu:

Cheeky Kitty is available NOW in the TGF STORE!
heART Journaling update, Gallery growing pains...and a word of thanks!      

We have some important updates about our Galleria today and while we announced it yesterday on the Blogs, we thought it beared repeating :)

As many of you know, our Galleria crashed this past week for one of the longest outages we've had.  Because of the recurrent issues we had been having, we have GOOD NEWS, and "Not so good" news.

I'll start with the not so good.  Unfortunately, we are finding that there is missing data from approximately FIVE WEEKS back.   We SINCERELY apologize for this inconvenience and are heartbroken that files were lost.

HERE is what we've learned:

You will notice that some of your photos will say "no thumbnail".  You can try to EDIT this photo and reload your photo that way.  If this doesn't work, you can delete that entry and reload your photo into your MEMBER GALLERY (your personal gallery)  or CARD GALLERY categories  (by stamp set).

That brings me to our next IMPORTANT point.   Some of the categories from RECENT CHALLENGES were deleted.  PLEASE do not reload your cards into the FFC categories if they are no longer there.  You can reload them into your PERSONAL MEMBER GALLERY.   This week's challenge categories have been reloaded.

Also, for those of you heART JOURNALING with us:  PLEASE do not upload your photos into the heart journaling category UNLESS you are uploading it to your specific FOLDER.  ALL FLOATING FILES WILL BE DELETED by end of business day on SEPTEMBER 15th, 2011.  We are sorry about this but need to keep the categories organized and up to date so that we can better track your projects (since we are checking them off for credit each week, thank you so much!! :)

Last but not least, the GOOD NEWS!

Our GALLERY is now being hosted by a different web host and should be able to function more efficiently and with (fingers crossed!) less crashing, and faster upload times.   Thank you SO much for growing with our growing pains at The Greeting Farm.

NEW, "IN LINKZ" challenge feature!

The Greeting Farm has been holding back using the popular "in Linkz' system because we have made such an investment in our Galleria.  we STRONGLY encourage our customers to still upload to the Galleria in the appropriate weekly challenge categories.

However, due to the recent issues with the gallery, we are now going to use IN LINKZ for each Farm Fresh Challenge to allow you to post a link to your Galleria entry and/or blog post, SCS gallery link, etc.  You can now CHOOSE how you link up to the FFC so that we can run more efficiently :)   Hope this helps!!!

THANK YOU so much to all of you for being so patient, loyal, and tolerant!  XOXO
TGF PRESENTS....a NEW Customer Spotlight article coming to YOU each month!      

We are thrilled to bring you a NEW feature to our newsletter each month...a TGF CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT!

Each month, after the release hype is over, on the 5th of the month, we will be doing a random Facebook draw for the next "TGF PRESENTS..." spotlight.  This is an opportunity to showcase some of our most loyal and taletned customers and a chance for them to really shine!   Since this is a new program, I had asked our first customer if she didn't mind kicking off our Spotlight feature and I'd like to welcome GRACE as our first featured customer!  Grace has been a loyal challenge player, TGF customer and supporter and here she is with a fabulous feature on HOW TO STORE your TGF Stamps:

"Hi there! I think I have over 125 TGF single stamps & sets... but more if I counted each stamp in the sets... probably over 200...hahaha

You'll see I have A LOT of TGF stamps... and that's because I have loved TGF since they were Pink Poison... and I've saved up lots of $$$ to buy TGF stamps...& most of my stamps are TGF...

PS: This collection took me many many many months to collect... and a lot of scrimping/saving had to take place for me to buy 95% of my TGF stamp... also, I've Won 5% of the stamps shown here)
I also have 99% of all the anya/ian/ws digi stamps =) hehehe

ENJOY and thanks!"

Thanks Grace!   We loved seeing your storage solutions and you all can learn more about Grace on her cute blog, SUGAR CARDS!

We'll be back next month with our next spotlight and these will range anywhere from technique, tutorial, art journaling, 3d art, storage, even cooking, baking and sewing featuring YOUR TGF Stamps as the star!  Exciting stuff!

Seeing THROUGH to October...            

...and it's a see-through preview indeed!  We have a few new clear stamps up our sleeve, and I couldn't wait to share a few little snippets:

These are only two...of FIVE. NEW. SETS.
Are ya still on your chair?
Stay tuned near the end of the mont for MORE previews, and our October Guest designer announcement because I am SO excited I can't even wait! 

Looking Ahead...

Here are some important dates for the rest of the month of SEPTEMBER:

Today, SEPTEMBER 15th:CHEEKY KITTY released in the TGF store!

FRIDAY, Sept 16th-
one day only DISCOUNT COUPON for newsletter subscribers ONLY


Be sure to stay tuned the last week in September too for exciting October previews and news about NEW challenges coming in OCTOBER! 

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