Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I heart Journaling class week 8

Hi ladies!!!
anyone of you married???
how did your wedding planning go???
I'm so stressed out!
I want everything to go well =S \
but what if it doesnt...

I put pray... with rain drops...
because the weather network stated that it may rain on my wedding day =( so i'm praying it wont...
I dont mind overcast... but I hope it doesnt rain *sniffle*

here's my entry for
TGF I heart journal week 8


  1. I am getting married on New Years Eve. I think I would be okay with rain I am praying there is not a major snow storm as that is what has been common in the last few years here. How are all your plans coming? I think I have all the major things taken care of other then flowers. Have you been making anything by hand for it?

  2. Awwwwe...well, that's BC for you! I really hope they're wrong and that it doesn't rain on your wedding day! Is it this weekend? September is usually such a GREAT month weather-wise....You know, it's hard to predict the weather here on the coast and they're often wrong so I really hope they are this time, too! Best wishes for an AMAZING wedding day!