Monday, June 13, 2011

constant inspiration

hi ladies!!!
I wanted to share with a card made by my friend RHO!
she's the one who I always talk about who has amazing card creations but she's just a little shy about blogging. I think she's amazing & she creates these mini intricate showpieces, that influence me with my cards =)

and I wanted to share with you how she inspired me to create this card:

(do you all remember this entry for TGF?)

well she had given me the pieces of cardstock papers she cut out,
so I could made this card by myself at home ... SO SWEET!!!
here's how it look like... & it took me a LONG while to put it together LOL
*I was really bad at puzzles going up LOL*

and here's her finished product:
front view



isn't she great????!!!! I would've never thought of making a card that looked as intricate as this & she actually presented this to a classroom full of card creators!!! *so brave!*
when she starts her blog, I'm going to post a link of her blog in mine so you guys can CHECK HER OUT! =) YAY!

anyways, do you girls have anyone who inspires you???
post a link of their blog in my comments =)
happy craftin!

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